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Playing 'House'

It's five-to-six on Friday afternoon.  Back last Sunday, I felt an od sensation in my head and fell over.  This happened again later on, and then all through Monday.  On Tuesday morning, I'd had enough and headed for the Doctor's.

The second GP surgery I went to (I'll blog about the first one another time) dealt with me very professionally.  They sorted me an appointment ASAP, passed my symptoms to the GP (this has never happened for me before, receptionists never ask or pass messages like this) and let me turn up rather early - because I told them I wanted to make it while I could stand.

The GP was puzzled, she rang the hospital for advice, then sat me back in the waiting room awaiting an ambulance to Weston General Hospital.  The Ambulance (St John) crew were great, even if they were having to put up with playing Big White Taxi to a confused patient.  En route we picked up a RTC patient who had been knocked off her scooter near the hospital.

I spent the rest of the day at the ATC (Assessment and Treatment Centre?) being examined by 'medics', 'orthopods' and surgeons.  I was admitted about 8pm that night.  Thus began 3 days on Uphill ward.

The problem was that I was missing a symptom.  I had:

Pressure at the top of the spine
Chill in the same area
Sudden weakness in my limbs

If you add dizzyness and nausea to this, it becomes simple to diagnose and fairly easy to treat.  It's either inner ear, or low blood-pressure.  My blood-pressure is pretty low anyway, though still safe, and my hearing is a bit screwed-up with hyperacusis.  There was only one problem...I wasn't getting dizzy or nauseous.

Hence, three days of an experience aptly portrayed by the TV series 'House'

More later...too tired at the mo.
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