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Maelstrom Ev1 2009

Well, I got back on Tuesday eve.  It was a hell of a weekend.  It did a lot for my confidence, and the preceding months of psychotherapy did a lot for helping me deal with Paul, Gimby and Wookie - my fellow refs.  That probably sounds harsh on them, it's not meant to, the therapy helped me deal with rejection and criticism.  These are things which would have come out through my SI in the past, but are now things I can accept.

It was a shock to find that we only had four refs for the event.  Gimby is now a Head Ref, alongside Paul.  Wookie is also a trader and has to balance the ref duties with the needs of Kangena/Mandala.  I am trainee ref, learning things on the job, and still making huge mistakes, although making less of them as the weekend went on.


If you were the guy with the 'clawed shield' at weapon check on Friday, I was dead wrong, you can't use it as a weapon at all.  Sorry.

And if you were the owner of the chest, thanks for ponying up the potions, it meant I only got bollocked for giving you the chest back without properly reading Paul's indecipherable handwriting.

It was great to see Jerry and Jo again after so long.  I'm glad they're moving to the player base, and not leaving the system altogether.  I saw them out in ophidian kit (on Monday?) and the chemistry was electric.  It was great to drum with everyone again, after so many years.  Hope I'll remember to do more at home, I've got four here afterall.

The event was challenging.  Power, wate and network issues made it feel like we were just starting out, rather than that we had been going for five years.  But it all came together.  Matt's speech from his 'chariot' said it all.  We *ARE* the best team in LRP!
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