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Star Trek 2009

I have now seen the new Star Trek movie.  There are a lot of positive things to be said for it.  The plot is good, and bit above the usual Hollywood fayre of the moment.  The cast is strong, and even the cliches are are done well.  If that was all that was required of it, then it would have been a great movie.

But movies need to be well-executed, and this wasn't.  It was the usual thing of intense action interspersed with bland, plodding, angst-ridden drama.  There is no style or flair in the direction, and even the excellent cast can't save it, because they have nothing to work with.  The dialogue is uninspired, and no effort has been made to deliver anything 'special'.

I felt nothing for any of the characters, and no emotion for the events.  At the end, I was just happy that it was finished.
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